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Odds are if you’re following me, you at least KNOW of my great friend Bobby. Whether it be for his personal blog, his crucial role in PonyPokey, or from his wonderful ask blog, FluttershyReplies.

Unfortunately, he’s been having a tough go of it recently. Just a few days ago, his computer died on him, which wouldn’t have been much of a problem, except his mom is currently unemployed, so they do not have enough money to just go out and buy a new one. And that’s because his parents split up about a year and a half ago, and now his Dad is kicking Bobby and his mother out of their house on August 15th since Bobby has finished high school. So all money they do have right now is being used to try and find a new place to live in just three short weeks.

So, he could really use a bit of a helping hand right now. And that’s where you guys come in- fortunately, Bobby and his mother have a paypal account: rschroeder93@gmail.com. If you also have a paypal account, you can log on to your account and send money to Bobby by saying you’re sending money to a friend, putting in an amount, and then sending it to that email up there.

This is a plea on Bobby and his mother’s behalf for a little charity from any and all his friends out there. Any bit of money or donation you can spare to him would be very much appreciated in this very difficult time. And even if you cannot spare any money, please signal boost this post to your followers and any other blogs you can to help this good man and his mother out of a hole.

Thank you.

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