Emergency Commissions & Donations


I’m opening for emergency commissions and now accepting donations, the button on the side of the page.


I assumed I would have enough money for gas for my move, since I’ve traveled a similar distance before, but once we sat down and tried to figure it out, no matter which way you slice it 700$ isn’t going to be enough for the trip. I need to raise at least 400$ more for gas alone. My car, it seems, is at the end of it’s life and gets next to nothing MPG (a whopping 8!). Me not knowing much about cars just thought it was getting close or similar too the same MPG it was back in its hay day. Big mistake.

And I have to move. He’s bought a plane ticket, spent 600+ dollars and would have to pay more to cancel, and even if we did do that my lease is up, and I wouldn’t have a place to stay. So I’m going to work myself as hard as I can to raise the money I need.


So yes, if you can please feel free to use the donate button (even 50 cents could help, really!), or if you’d like a commission send it in an ask. Since these are going to be emergency commissions instead of my for fun quickies, they will be 30$ each for full body full color.

Thank you, and rest assured I’ll be working hard on my own as well, picking up extra hours at work if I can on top of this, to scrape enough to make the trip.

If you can help please do.

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