I have a question for any of you who collect and clean pony toys! SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY, IF YOU WOULD BE SO KIND.

The Goodwill here has a tendency to mark the prices in red Sharpie on the hooves of ponies. Sometimes…they miss. So I have a relatively rare G3 here who has sharpie all up her rear leg, and acetone is NOT doing the job. I’ve heard sun fading and toothpaste are recommendations, but do any of you know other ways?

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  1. pinkthatfuckingpink answered: Dry erase marker on top of the sharpie should work!
  2. qtsp00k answered: A magic eraser might remove it, but magic eraser will remove all paint from pony, so use carefully
  3. theincantation answered: definitely try the toothpaste. I know because I used that method to clean off N64 controllers that I had drawn all over during my childhood
  4. agni-chai answered: Hand sanitizer works for me quite well.
  5. primalreligion answered: Those Mr. Clean magic erasers always work well for me. Good luck, though.
  6. cyborgfucker answered: Paint?
  7. elyseexplosion answered: I had a toy collector tell me that acne cream with benzoyl peroxide left in the sun for a day should work in a few treatments.
  8. majordanvers answered: I’ve never used it on toys, but toothpaste works well on sharpie. At least on wood it does. You could give that a shot.
  9. blogdesu answered: Semen is best cleaner. Fun fact: that’s true. I’m not even kidding.
  10. maplepines answered: time travel
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